Plant Health Promoters and Plant Growth Stimulators

Harpin Proteins are Plant Health Promoters that activate a plant’s immune system which triggers growth and defense genes resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield and quality, and greater shelf-life. Harpin Proteins are produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens. Plant receptors on their seeds, roots, and foliage detect the presence of the Harpin Proteins triggering an early warning system commonly called “Systemic Acquired Resistance”, leading to increased plant yields and health.

Axiom is the Harpin Alpha Beta Protein that has been extensively tested and proven to increase plant yields, plant health and extend shelf life in a variety of crops. Axiom’s Harpin Protein’s results has been extensively documented across a broad range of crops and global geographies.


✓  Harpin Proteins were discovered at Cornell University in 1992.
✓  Approved and registered by the EPA
✓  First Generation (Messenger™) endorsed by the American Rose Society
✓  Covered by 112 Domestic and International Patents.

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Axiom Harpin Proteins

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